An alarming Broken Access Control vulnerability has been identified in version 9.8 of the WordPress Integrate Google Drive Plugin, calling for urgent attention to ensure robust WordPress security and guard against potential malware threats. This critical security flaw was discovered and responsibly reported by Abdi Pranata, prompting swift action to safeguard WordPress websites.

The vulnerability stems from the plugin’s inadequate handling of user input, providing an opportunity for attackers to inject malicious code into the plugin’s settings page. Once executed by the backend, this malicious code grants the attacker unauthorized access to sensitive information, posing severe risks to website security.


The severity of this vulnerability is classified as critical, underscoring the serious implications it holds for WordPress security. In the hands of an attacker, this vulnerability enables the injection of malicious code, granting access to highly sensitive information, including user passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data.

Affected Versions:

The vulnerability affects version 9.8 and all earlier versions of the WordPress Integrate Google Drive Plugin. Websites running these versions are exposed to significant risks and must act swiftly to address the security flaw.


Exploiting this Broken Access Control vulnerability empowers attackers to gain unauthorized access to your website’s backend, providing them with unrestricted access to sensitive information. Armed with this access, attackers can compromise user data, manipulate website content, and potentially inflict extensive damage to your online presence.


To fortify your website’s defenses and mitigate potential threats, immediate action is imperative. Upgrade to the latest version of the WordPress Integrate Google Drive Plugin (version 1.2.0) without delay. This critical update includes vital patches to eliminate the vulnerability, ensuring your website remains secure and safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.

In the realm of WordPress security, proactive measures are indispensable to protect against emerging threats and potential WordPress malware attacks. By staying vigilant and promptly addressing vulnerabilities like this Broken Access Control flaw, you establish a resilient WordPress security posture and enhance user trust.

Remember, WordPress security is a shared responsibility, and taking immediate action to update vulnerable plugins is pivotal in maintaining website integrity and safeguarding user data. Act decisively to secure your WordPress site and create a safe digital environment for your visitors and users.