A Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability has been discovered in the WordPress Proofreading Plugin. This vulnerability could allow a malicious actor to inject malicious scripts into the website, which would be executed when visitors visit the site.

This vulnerability was discovered and reported by thiennv.

The vulnerability is caused by a lack of input validation in the plugin’s code. This allows an attacker to inject malicious scripts into the website, which are then executed when visitors visit the site.


The vulnerability has a CVSS 3.1 score of 7.1, which is considered to be high severity. This means that the vulnerability is moderately likely to be exploited and could have a significant impact on the affected system.

Affected Versions:

All versions of the WordPress Proofreading Plugin are affected by this vulnerability.


The implications of a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability are profound:

  • Malicious Script Execution: Attackers could inject and execute harmful scripts on websites, potentially affecting both the site’s functionality and the safety of visitors.
  • User Data Exposure: Sensitive user data can be exposed or stolen, including login credentials, personal information, and more.
  • Reputation Damage: Security vulnerabilities like this can lead to reputation damage, lost trust, and legal repercussions.


Given the gravity of this security concern, strongly advise taking the following steps:

  1. Temporary Deactivation: There is currently no patched version of the WordPress Proofreading Plugin available. To mitigate the risk of exploitation, it is recommended to disable the plugin until a patched version is released.
  2. Regular Security Audits: Engage in frequent security audits to detect and address vulnerabilities on the WordPress website proactively.
  3. User Awareness: Educate users about safe online practices, such as not clicking on unverified links or downloading suspicious files.
  4. Alternative Solutions: Explore alternative plugins or solutions to address proofreading needs until this issue is resolved.
  5. Stay Informed: Keep a close eye on developments regarding this plugin to install the patch as soon as it becomes available.